Certification ISO 9001:2015 Support

ATTIS is a comprehensive products and services system designed to support the effective management of organisation and employee performance, is ISO 9001:2015 compliant and fully assists in meeting the requirements of this standard.

The main benefit of the ATTIS system deployment is to create a fully functioning organisation management system and to support the organisation’s effective and lasting development as well as its employees.

Organisation’s management system

ATTIS is built on 4 core pillars of an organisation’s management system that fully respects the requirements of ISO 9001:2015:

  1. clearly defined strategies, goals and performance indicators of the organisation and each employee, taking into account the stakeholders needs and expectations
  2. unambiguous definition of the organisation’s processes, activities and projects and the resulting definition of the optimal work tasks formally embedded in the online workload of all employees
  3. determination of human resource requirements, i.e. definition of key competences (skills, knowledge and attitudes) arising from the work tasks and personal goals of all employees
  4. implementation of a performance measurement system (KPIs) at organisational level with disintegration for organisational units, processes and projects and effective feedback implementation on the performance as well as potential of all the organisation’s employees (assessment of individual performance and the level of competencies achieved)

How ATTIS meets ISO changes:

  • ATTIS enables you to analyse and comprehensively evaluate risks, including defining measures for their remedies and elimination
  • ATTIS creates an electronic data model that fully replaces paper documentation and automatically distributes all changes in the model to all relevant users
  • Support for systematic process management and their performance measurement based on an electronic process model
  • Proportionality of processes with individual articles of the standard
  • The software tool also includes a specialised module for measuring performance indicators, including their assignment of employees together with the responsibility for their fulfilment
  • The responsibility of management with the use of ATTIS software is explicitly given by their “roles” throughout the system (those responsible for achieving objectives, the process owners) at all management levels
  • ATTIS enables you to create a comprehensive process map for strategic management to describe the organisation’s context including monitoring, and enables you to create and set up a list of stakeholders including monitoring their needs and expectations.