ATTIS.MBO – Measuring the Organisation’s Performance

The ATTIS.MBO module is a specialised tool for creating and managing a performance measurement system for all types of public and private sector organisations. ATTIS.MBO can be used to create a measurement system based on proven Management using Objectives or Balanced Scorecard methods. Any other indicator structure can be created in it that can be evaluated regularly according to the inserted criteria.

Creating indicators

ATTIS.MBO retains its versatility. It meets the requirements for creating any measurable performance indicators system that’s basically for everyone – a private company, a public institution, a project or an individual user. It’s entirely up to the user whether they’ll create strategic goal maps or just visualise the performance indicator system. Each of the defined indicators is assigned to a worker in the ATTIS.MBO module together with the responsibility for achieving it. The responsible worker should be involved in creating their metrics.

The indicators in the ATTIS.MBO module use visual management elements where the so-called semaphore system colourfully signals the values of indicators and goals and the measured values development trends are indicated by colourful arrows. The indicators aren’t strictly linked to the information system, so it’s possible to define and also report the indicators manually where no electronic data is available.

The Balanced Scorecard method

ATTIS.MBO integrates a four-pronged Balanced Scorecard perspectives system that can be used to create strategic maps as well as to generate performance reports. For easier user orientation and clear decomposition of strategic goals and performance indicators, it’s possible to create any tree structure of folders.

The main benefits of ATTIS.MBO:

  • implements various performance measurement methods such as a Balanced Scorecard
  • simply creates clear structures and charts
  • it evaluates achievement of the organisation’s goals using regular reporting