ATTIS.BPM – The Organisation’s Process Management

ATTIS.BPM module is a specialised tool for modelling, describing, managing and analysing business processes. The ATTIS.BPM’s direct links to the ATTIS.MBO module enables the process model to be linked to the performance measurement system and provide important input for the process performance evaluation. Linkage with the ATTIS.MOT module allows you to define competency models correctly and optimise the workload of employees.

Process model

ATTIS.BPM supports an unlimited branching process model. Standard BPM methodology provides users with a breakdown of processes into main, supportive and controlling processes. On each level of the process model, the process maps can then be modelled, schematically depicting:

  • process progress in individual activities
  • descriptions of individual processes and process steps
  • employees’ tasks and responsibilities
  • inputs and outputs of individual processes
  • contexts between processes

Creating process maps is the cornerstone of process management

The integrated drawing tools in ATTIS.BPM allow you to create clear process maps and display attributes describing individual activities as required. All levels of the process model can be viewed dynamically, data can be changed, attributes modified, notes inserted, etc.

In the process model, all links are only recorded once and subsequent model element updates are automatically projected to the places in question. The links set in the process model can also be viewed dynamically and analysed in both tables as well as visually. Therefore, obtaining a detailed overview of secondary manifestations of the changes made is a matter of seconds.

The whole process model and organisational model can be generated in HTML format and placed in an interactive form, for example, on a corporate intranet. The main focus of ATTIS.BPM is on:

  • Creating clear process maps
  • Clear editing of process maps
  • Defining inputs and outputs of individual processes
  • Documenting workers’ responsibilities
  • Providing process information to all involved workers
  • Making documents available in process maps