About Us

Company Introduction

Who we are

Attis software s.r.o. is a consulting and software company that has been devoted to the issue of performance management of organisations in the private as well as public sector and their complex development since 2001.

The aim of our consultancy activity isn’t just to advise clients with regard to increasing their organisation’s performance on a long-term basis, but also on how to implement the proposed measures and changes in practice.

The main product of our company is the development and subsequent implementation of the ATTIS managerial SW tool, currently 4th generation.

In combination with methodologies developed in conjunction with significant professional capacities, ATTIS creates a comprehensive solution for effective performance management in both private and public sector organisations at all levels. Comprehensive solutions are also delivered to our customers through qualified partner companies.

We provide:

  • teamwork with a professional group with expert advisors
  • designing and implementing optimisation methods that ultimately generate prevention and problem solving that accompany business activity
  • ATTIS software management tools
  • Training courses for both managers as well as users